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Diploma Program in Hotel and Tourism Management


Diploma Program in Hotel and Tourism Management

This program is made to train international students to be independent and assist in tourism and hospitality industry development. The program is made in such a way that student will acquire knowledge for Chinese language and hospitality course for period of two years. During two years students can learn hospitality industry real works. This joint diploma program will help International students in tourism industry.

1st year courses

1. Chinese language

2. Chinese culture

3. Marketing in hospitality n tourism

4. Accounting in hospitality and tourism

5. Handling front office

6. Food and beverage services  

7. Projects( Industrial training )

2nd year courses

1. Managing hospitality communication

2. Chinese language

3. Tourism Human resources management

4. Food and beverage service

5. Tourism and event management

6. Tourism and destination management

7. Projects( Industrial training )

The courses may be adjusted in accordance with the teaching plan of the year.

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