Diploma Programs

Oversea Programs and Exchange Programs


BIGC actively collaborates with prestigious universities all over the world for the enrichment of academic experience for our students.

Summer programs (3 weeks):
1. Summer Cambridge Academic Experience program (UK)
2. Suffolk University Summer Program (US)
3. University of Abertay Dundee Summer Program (US)
4. Chiba University Summer Program (Japan)
5. West Sydney University Program (Australia)
6.Wyoming University Program (US)
7.Art Academy of London University (UK)
8. Other similar programs

Joint programs (1-2 semesters)
1. Linköping University Graphic Design and Communication Exchange program (Sweden)
2. Chiba University Exchange program (Japan)
3. Youth Exchange Students (YES) Program (US)
4. Shih Hsin University Exchange Program (China Taiwan)
5. Shu-Te University Exchange Program (China Taiwan)

Note: There are different requirements and rules regarding eligibility and enrolment for the above programs. For detailed information, please contact Ms. Zhang Lei (Tel: 60261002, Email: zhangximan#bigc.edu.cn) at the School of International Education.

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