Life here

Life here

In a uniquely engaging living and learning environment, students not only get an education, they get involved on campus.


Finding ways to get involved in campus life is key to a successful college experience. BIGC offers a wealth of resources to help you connect with other students and find your passion.

Daily life

A major part of your life centers around the SIE, the building of which was newly opened in 2016. We made sure every part of the place is up-to-date and user friendly.


You live in your own room or share a room with a roommate on the eighth or ninth floor of the SIE. 

Almost all the teaching happens within the premises of SIE, where classrooms and language labs are state-of-the-art. 

If you need a quieter place or a place of change to study after class, there are multiple places to be, such as the common room in SIE, the university library, or the classrooms when they are not occupied for classes.

A three-stored canteen stands next to the SIE building, where different dietary and nourishment needs are satisfied with speed and convenience. If you are not yet accustomed to the Chinese cuisine, you can make use of the shared the kitchen in the SIE and prepare your own meals.


What can I do?

Play tennis, basketball and volleyball at the courts outdoor.

Play badminton, ping pong, basketball, volleyball and fitness equipment at the indoors gym.

Though we don’t have a pool, you can swim in the twenty-five-metre, eight-lane swimming pool at the swimming center of the National Academy of Educational Administration, our next door neighbor.



Our women’s basketball team and martial art team are championship teams among the Beijing college sports teams. Teams of schools join in University wide matches held regularly in football, basketball and so forth.

Sports Meet

The biggest annual sports event on campus is the Sports Meet held every May. It is a one-day and half event, which involves all students and faculties in track and field competitions. This is the equivalent of a fanfare day for all people at BIGC. 


The Restaurant on the third floor of the canteen is THE most popular place to hang out with friends for an enjoyable meal in a relaxed ambience and at a lower price.

You can grab a sandwich or pizza at the coffee shop on the first floor, where you may also sit down over your assignment with a freshening cup of espresso.

Social events are welcome to be organized in the SIE too. Classrooms and common room are places where events may take place for young people to mingle and to enjoy civilized companionship and exchange ideas of innovation. 

Student Organizations


Involvement in student organizations will give you the opportunity to make an impact and leave your mark at BIGC. Through the years, student leaders have learned about leadership, community service and civic engagement, as well as interpersonal skills through participation in student organizations. 


Annual student events include:


Sports meet, Student organization recruitment, Fashion show, new school year opening, graduation ceremony, cultural festival, science festival, etc.

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